Friday, August 29, 2008

Central Park Day

Central Park is an interesting place.
Beautiful and peaceful all the flowers placed on John Lennon's IMAGINE.
I love the shadows of the sun shining through. Here is what I remember as Bethesda Fountain and it is quite lovely.
We visited the Metropolitan Art Museum and were intriqued.
The rules are you can stand on the steps but you may not sit.
The girls were told to move along and I asked them to please sit for a picture.
New York has many many rules. Sitting anywhere is not allowed. (hahaha)

One of my favorite, somewhat scary faced statues.

We do not have black squirrels in Texas (that I know about).

I loved this little guy and he came right up to us wanting to eat but we had 0 food.

Central Park is loaded and I mean loaded with a diverse group of people. They walk their dogs, play sports, climb on statues, eat, lay around, jog, ride bikes, kiss all over each other, etc.... They wear swimsuits in the Sheep Meadow and there is not a swimming pool in sight. Restrooms are disgustingly gross. We witnessed a woman dancing topless for a long period of time(no photo. Thank you) later we found out they had a permit to film in the park. Imagine that.
No wonder they put IMAGINE in Central Park.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, great stuff. Too funny about the no sitting in NY thing.