Sunday, February 21, 2010

cool season vegies planted

This week after the snow melted I finally put the cool season lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, etc. in the garden. Now it is supposed to snow again. Oh well, bring out the sheets. If they don't get planted I won't have any salad because soon enough we will have an unrelenting heatwave.
last fall I planted 100 daffodils and they are starting to come up all over
(note in top right of photo lilann decided to plant her dog bone)
One of my viburnum is starting to blossom

winter honeysuckle had some bees today

larkspur sprouting all around Annabelle!

vegies hanging in there for now

wishing away all future snowfalls until next winter..........................oh please stay away snow and frozenness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

record snowfall family fun

here is the final measurement!!!! it is a RECORD 4 SURE!!!
I ventured out to feed my birds in the cold snow
while my poochie stays in the warm house!looking down on the record snowfall from upstairs,

birds are feasting below!

i wonder if a birdie is hiding in this house?

Ben's classic truck looks cool!

a bonnet formed on my light post :)

Bays car made an avalanche!!

we decided to make a snow family

goofing off

snow in action, Roby lounging in his shorts

(baby its cold outside)

Ben and Roby molded together lilann! hehehe

what u do when it snows

sisters having fun thinking about slidin real fast

posing for Aunt Kim by Marine Creek lake

Luke sleddin with his Texas cowboy boots!

Here goes Kylee!!! speeding by

Thursday, February 11, 2010

snow dog in snow measured by a yardstick in Texas

Totally awesome!!! 7 1/2 inches and still falling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my lovely snowcovered yard

Lilann in her snow sweater and she still headed straight for the door!

NOT a snow dog!!! hehehe

finally a good snow cone

my beautiful bottle tree Annabelle's new hat!

would you like to have some tea on my eclectic patio

best grape mango snow cone since 2004