Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1st day of school was Monday, but I am running late!

Baylee didnt want this 1st day of school photo, she is in 11th grade and only has 1 more 1st day of school! Here she is after I said "Smile for the Camera"
I needed color in my garden so I painted my bench a bright blue,
it kinda matches Baylee's out fit. I should have had her sit on it for the 1st day of school. hehehe!

We received a tiny rainshower today but I am grateful, nevertheless. I am ready for the dogdays of summer to be over. Bay likes her cosmetology class, as for the rest, well, I don't think so. She has physics and Algebra 2 as well as Ag science. All male teachers except for cosmetology. Next trimester it is American History and English III.

last day of our trip

There is Roby on the chairlift behind us!
Roby and Baylee at the top of the mountain where we usually ski.
Roby playing with an animal skeleton that we found.
A view from the lift, the ski trails are ugly in the summer. If you look closely you can see the deer at the top of the picture!

How sad, I have made it to the end of the vacation. The last day we spent in Red River, New Mexico. I really could have skipped it, Colorado is so much prettier. Anyway, we rode the lift up the mountain, saw a few deer and lots of chipmunks. Hiked around a bit, found an animal skeleton. We got back down off the lift just in the nick of time, about 10 minutes later it started raining and then hailing and people were still coming down on the lift from the top of the mountain which is a 30 minute ride. We spent the last evening relaxing in the condo's hot tub and watching Johnny Depp's Finding Neverland.

Bye Bye Summer trip!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Switzerland of America

crazy mountain high
watermelon for dinner

we found snow

at the top of imogene pass

a deer we saw in the meadow

Here I am by a small waterfall on Engineers Pass!
One of the interesting animals we saw, is it a muskrat or beaver or ?
View out my window of the drop off! YIKES

Exploring one of the old mines.
see how narrow the road is that we traveled and this is actually the widest part!

Baylee snuggling in the blanket!

Roby hiking around in Yankee Boy Basin.

Hot Springs Inn Hotel Room
View from the balcony.
Down at the bottom of Box Canon Falls.
The view of Ouray from the top of the falls!
One of our stops on our way to Imogene Pass!

They call this area the Little Switzerland of america because of the tall tall mountains. Cool Crisp Ouray, Colorado, I found my new favorite place this summer. It is simply a piece of heaven on earth. The tall mountains, beautiful rivers, awesome small town, canyons, this place is magical. We learned all about hairpin turns and switchbacks. We stayed at the Hot Springs Inn, which was nicely located to town and had 2 king size pillowtop beds and every room had a balcony that viewed the mountains and Uncompahgre river.

We visited the Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa where the waters are pure and continually flowing natural hot springs without the sulphur smell. The natural Vaporcave had flowing hot springs and a soaking pool at the temperature of 108 degrees. Talk about relaxation, we healed and rejuvenated our sore bodies. 10 minutes soaking in the vaporcave, 10 minutes cooling down, and then 10-15 munutes in the outdoor natural spring pool at temps of 99-103, then cool down, drink fresh cool spring water and start the process over again, for 3 hours of relaxation, I felt loose as a rubberband when I left there. If I was rich I would have me my own vaporcave. We didnt get pictures of the cave because it would fog up the camera.

We rented a jeep and went 4 wheelin in the San Juan Mountains, up to Yankee Boy Basin( formed by a volcanic upheaveal, shaped by glacial ice and erosion) and Imogene pass, saw Camp Bird, what a majestic adventure that was. Nestled between tall mountain peaks we saw some spectacular views. Talk about overcoming fear, Baylee and I did for sure. It was bumpy rock mountainside thru waterfalls and old delapidated mines. We climbed to 13,114 elevation and even found snow. It was a fun scary thing, Then I got addicted and decided I couldnt wait to do it again!!

We went river rafting the next day. The rapids were not too good, our riverguide was a girl with armpit hair. YUK. It was more than Roby. We have better rapids on the Guadalupe, next time we will have to go in June when it is really running fast.

We visited the Box Canon Falls, hiked up a steep cliffs and overlooked the city of Ouray pronounced YOUR-ay. It looked like a Norman Rockwell portrait.

Ouray is famous for its ice climbing that it has in the winter time.

We camped at Ridgway State Park and enjoyed a dinner of watermelon, roasted marshmellows and campfire popcorn. Yum Yum.

We traveled down the Million Dollar highway (no guardrails, many hairpin turns and lots of switchbacks and full of aspens which I am sure are beautiful in the fall) to the city of Silverton. Wild west is what I thought of the minute we entered the city. I told Baylee they could have and ole western shootout at any moment and guess what. We turned the corner and they were shutting down the street to have a shootout. I ate soup in August and it was 43 degrees. That is wild stuff for a Texan who sees only 100 temps.
I decided to have a Blue Spruce tree for Christmas this year, they are so graceful.

We passed thru Durango, and all I have to say about that city is congestion and touristy. The people of the city did not protect it from the big chains coming in so it is not my style.

As you can see, I loved western Colorado in the summertime small town of Ouray!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Awesome Utah wonder

What a wonderful place to photograph, Arches National Park. This land wonder was absolutely beautiful. This all used to be under water. It is amazing what a wonderful artist and sculpture that nature is. I could have snapped and snapped all day. It was breathtaking, literally, water is definately a must. We were lucky because it was late in the day when we finally ventured off the freeway for this visit. What was unbelievable to us is the amount of Europeans that were visiting. Americans were definately outnumbered. This is a must see!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Unwanted visitors stopped in while I was out and now they won't leave

Unbelievable, It is 100 degrees when I am out of town and I came home to so many new unwanted visitors. Here is a list of them:
spurge, silverleaf nightshade, buffalobur, common purslane, marestail, goosegrass galore, ryegrass, hophornbeam copperleaf, palmer amaranth, texas blueweed, and the most unwanted of all yellow nutsedge. It was cruel of them to sneak in like that when I wasnt watching. Or did someone leave them for me as a funny gift. Hint: I am not laughing. I do not like these and will fight hard to get rid of them. I will hit them hard with a spade, I will dig them by the roots and stab them to death. I will then lay them out in the heat to bake in the sun.

Sorry if this seems violent, but it is my true feelings!

short stop in Vegas

Baylee admiring the room! This was a cool piece of art. All the broken tile and cool heads.

The chairs Roby and Bay are sitting on are made of license plates and tile.
Here is a fish with some BIG teeth. Baylee thought he was funny.

We stopped in Vegas at 112 degrees. The hotel Excalibur was nice and very cheap so it was irresistable. I still think Vegas is a sad city, with all the gambling, beer drinking, smoking, and girl degrading it is definately a sin city. It has beautiful architecture that the gamblers have paid for. It is amazing how much money travels through that city. We had some great italian food and went to the shark reef at the Mandalay Bay. Baylee wanted to stop in at the house of blues for a tshirt. That is about all the excitement for Vegas.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

School shopping on Melrose

Baylee wanted to go shopping on Melrose for school clothes. The guys didn't quite like it. Which made us linger a little longer than we probably would have. We did run across something mom has been looking for. She has been wanting some high waisted jeans. Well they were on Melrose, I guess they are going to try and make a comeback. No more crack. Bay thought they were disgusting. ha!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vacation Beach Day

This is a portion of Malibu Beach. around the cliff (bluff) is where some movie stars have made their homes. They have a beautiful view. Baylee and I browsed around until we came across a sign painted on the rocks that said "TURN AROUND" so we turned around, because you know how I am a boring rule follower. Here we are at the base of the Point of Dume. This is where the tidepools are. We found sea urchin and the guys went aroung the other side and found starfish. It was tough on the feet because of all the clams on the rocks.

While Baylee and I were exploring the beach, the guys disappeared. When we returned we found them climbing the side of the Point of Dume. Click on the photo to blow it up big and if you look closely you can see Roby in his white Tshirt and jeans about 2/3rds of the way up and then Ben is at the top. I couldnt believe my eyes. Why would a 46 yr old man follow his son, he said "If Ben could make it up, I could too!"
Baylee and Roby are checking the waters for snorkeling, unfortunately it was too rough that day.
Here is Baylee showing how the ocean waves have eaten away at the rock and formed a work of art by nature. The high was in the 70's but we still managed to get a pretty nice sunburn, even though I was constantly putting on sunscreen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back in town

Vacation was awesome. Leaving Ben far away for 4 months was not awesome. We took the long way home and had some great adventures and lots of cooler temps while Texans roasted in the first 100+ days of the summer. So sorry I missed it. ha!!! I took over 200 pictures and will share them a little at a time, since I am so busy recovering from all the fun there is not much free time. Plus the garage is full of Ben's apartment stuff that he didnt need in Colorado, I will need to sort thru for the upcoming garage sale.
This is where Ben will be spending the next 4 months. He is loving it! Rancho Cucamonga is a nice small town. The town is nicely landscaped and looks like Southlake. He is enjoying IN N Out burger, which is our favorite.Camping at Dogwood in Rimforest was fun, cool and refreshing. There were so many bluebirds and goldfinches I could have watched them all day.
Here is Ben and Baylee on a tree trunk we found while hiking.
Ben found what he called a tiki pole and tried to put it in the fire.
Baylee is tall on this BIG rock.
A lizard with a blue tail that Ben found. It seemed every animal in the California mountains had blue on it somewhere.

More coming!!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


They are finished and they are happy. Ben and his roommate Chris celebrated after finishing their last test on Friday. We cleared out the apartment and loaded up for Fort Worth. Now we are in the packing stage for California. Monday is the day we head out for a new adventure and another school. This time for only 4 months.