Friday, August 24, 2007

Unwanted visitors stopped in while I was out and now they won't leave

Unbelievable, It is 100 degrees when I am out of town and I came home to so many new unwanted visitors. Here is a list of them:
spurge, silverleaf nightshade, buffalobur, common purslane, marestail, goosegrass galore, ryegrass, hophornbeam copperleaf, palmer amaranth, texas blueweed, and the most unwanted of all yellow nutsedge. It was cruel of them to sneak in like that when I wasnt watching. Or did someone leave them for me as a funny gift. Hint: I am not laughing. I do not like these and will fight hard to get rid of them. I will hit them hard with a spade, I will dig them by the roots and stab them to death. I will then lay them out in the heat to bake in the sun.

Sorry if this seems violent, but it is my true feelings!

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Joyismygoal said...

Might that be considered growing, harvesting and drying weed?