Sunday, November 18, 2007

Latest Read

My latest read was this excellent book loaned to me by my Aunt Debbie. It was a fast read (1 day off and on throughtout the day). Very uplifting and spiritual. I would definately recommend this book to anyone who needs a kickstart to a better life and attitude. The book will leave you feeling pleasant. I will be finding other books by OG Mandino.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Kerplunk was a hit.
We had 63 candles lit and it was an inferno!

Today is my mom's birthday. She means the world to me. She is my best friend. I am making her a cake. I am not a good cook. I am making it with love and hoping for the best.

We had dinner, cake, and presents. Then we played games, Kerplunk and matching card game. Kylee and Luke decided they wanted to run and wrestle. It was fun! I love mom!
I am thinking in short sentences today, does that mean something?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beautiful, this is why I live in Texas

What a gorgeous weekend! The weather was exquisite. I managed to spend most of my time outside. I killed ants, planted Elephant garlic, put out the goldfinch feeders and faithfully filled them with thistle in hopes that they would come this year in spite of the fact that there is so much machinery and construction going on during the week that I am afraid they might skip us this year but just in case I have their food ready. I trimmed some plants, played with the dog, lounged on the lounge chairs, watered some plants, threw out 50,000 wildflower seeds, walked around and looked at all the beauty in my surroundings.
I have to brag we have created a wonderful relaxing place it is home. There is definitely feng shi, all I need is a couple of goldfish and we have it all. The trees are beginning to turn their autumn colors and the berries are turning bright red and yellow. I took a couple of long walks and cleared my mind and the dogs bowels. Now we are ready for the week. If every weekend could be as relaxing it would be fine with me. Even though I am ready for some snow so we can go sledding. Yippee! I have my fingers crossed. Pure clean white snow!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

A perspective

I was cruising the internet looking for some peace and sweating the small stuff (like I have a tendency to do) I came across the following thoughts of lessons I basically already know but I want to have them at my fingertips so that I can refer back at a moments notice:

Lessons by Dale Wolf:

Put things in perspective.

Think about what’s really important, and stop worrying and whining about the rest.

Here are some things that in the big scheme of things are not that important:

You don’t like your boss. You don’t like your job. Stop complaining. Do something to change things. Realize that there are people just like you at other companies complaining about the exact same things.

A friend hasn’t returned your phone call. Get over it. Call them back. Calling friends shouldn’t be a game that involves scorekeeping.And speaking of scorekeeping…don’t. It’s not about whose turn it is.

Life ain’t fair.

Stop complaining about how busy or not busy you are. Accept that your life is probably the way it is due to choices you’ve made, Acknowledge this or make new choices. (I wonder how long it takes to see the effects of making new choices, is it immediate or does it take awhile? I am very impatient) ha

There are worse things than being 10 pounds overweight. (Tell that to the jeans that are about to squeeze the life out of me)

People don’t pay as close attention to you as you think they do.

If the dog eats the strudel, it’s not a real crisis. It’s only strudel.

Now I tell myself this all the time but I need to practice practice practice!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

TOO Busy

I have been too busy to post. Man life is hectic. I do have halloween pictures and hope to have them posted before Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, I did a crazy thing yesterday and bought my son a plane ticket home for Thanksgiving, even though he graduates one week later and will be returning to Fort Worth at the beginning of Dec. I just couldn't bear to think of Thanksgiving without him.