Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last night there were strong winds and this is what it did to my outdoor shade. Take into consideration that this blind was raised to the top. It felt like straight line winds and everything was everywhere.
Here is one reallllllllllllllly hot pepper.
Cherry dazzler putting on a show
Lovely long lasting zinnia.
The yard looks relieved since we had rain. Thank goodness. Saturday is travel time for 2 weeks!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

twice in one day

Unbelievable, this morning we had rain, this afternoon temps climbed to 106 at my house and then a storm starting brewing and brought high winds and much needed RAIN. Tomorrow I will take some pictures of the renewed flowers after they had 2 drinks in one day.

What is it

What is it? That sound that woke me up this morning, that sound I have not heard in so long? Ahh, it is the sound of a storm..................rain.................refreshing rain.....not much but at this point I will take whatever is given..................what a great way to start the day!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday Boy

Party time for my awesome 4 year old nephew. Happy birthday Luke!

My angel trumpet

Look what was smiling at me when I went to check the garden today!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for July

My Garden looks more like August than July.
Drought has hit heavy this year as well as the hot hot 98-100 daily.
Here are my survivors.

Zinnia from seed
Crape Myrtle
Indigo Blue Spires and Red Salvia
View from walkway
Passion vine mixed with petunia
Flame Anisacanthus (hummingbird bush)
More Zinnia

Unknown from MIL
Mexican Petunia- Ruellia brittoniana
(This one goes crazy every year but is great with the drought so I left it all over for color. Something I may regret next year.)
Russian Sage, my daughter calls it the bee plant because it is always full of bees.
And more Zinnia
Turks Cap is such an interesting plant and a survivor!

I do have others blooming but they just do not look good enough to post. My butterfly bushes, purple coneflowers, pincushion, lantanas, a few roses, phlox, and beauty berry are all surviving.

Thank you Carol for having bloom day so we can share and see gardens all over the world.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Cheery Garden Pictures

Repairmen do not work on the 4th of July

Always trust your gut instinct. The minute you second guess yourself you will end up regretting it. A few weeks ago I noticed that our fridge was making a louder sound than usual. So I asked hubby(who is hard of hearing) if he noticed any difference and he responded "No, that thing has always run loud." I thought, well not that loud, and then passed it off that I was just being ultra sensitive to sound. The loudness continued, so then I decided to vacuum it even though it had just been a couple of months ago that I had done that. Well, there it was still loud as ever. Hubby goes to work this morning and I go out to weedeat some of the yard. I come in dying of thirst and hit the ice button and get ice mixed with water. What the heck is up with that? I open the freezer and everything appears moist, then I open the ice cream and it is liquid. Bingo, I was right, something is definately wrong with this refrigerator and I had not listen to it cry out for the fridge doctor. Luckily, we bought from Best Buy and we were smart enough to buy the 5 year warranty. By the way, this is our second fridge since we moved in here in Dec 2004. They do not make them like they used to. In our first house, in 1986, we bought a fridge when we moved in and it lasted 15+ years. Moving on, I called Best Buy warranty and they proceed to tell me a repairman will not be out until July 8th. UGH! Bye bye food. Fortunately, the warranty covers the food up to $200. So not a total loss.
Here is my son's college mini fridge that I brought in from the shed. We will be living like college students for 5-6 days. So much for those gourmet meals.
My advice....always pay attention to that gut feeling or you may end up like me on a holiday weekend. Always buy the warranty on a fridge.