Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for July

My Garden looks more like August than July.
Drought has hit heavy this year as well as the hot hot 98-100 daily.
Here are my survivors.

Zinnia from seed
Crape Myrtle
Indigo Blue Spires and Red Salvia
View from walkway
Passion vine mixed with petunia
Flame Anisacanthus (hummingbird bush)
More Zinnia

Unknown from MIL
Mexican Petunia- Ruellia brittoniana
(This one goes crazy every year but is great with the drought so I left it all over for color. Something I may regret next year.)
Russian Sage, my daughter calls it the bee plant because it is always full of bees.
And more Zinnia
Turks Cap is such an interesting plant and a survivor!

I do have others blooming but they just do not look good enough to post. My butterfly bushes, purple coneflowers, pincushion, lantanas, a few roses, phlox, and beauty berry are all surviving.

Thank you Carol for having bloom day so we can share and see gardens all over the world.



Anonymous said...

Love all your blooms for GBBD. I especially am fond of the Russian Sage and Crepe Myrtle. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden with us. I have my pics posted for GBBD, come check them out!

ICQB said...

I think I have a torenia in a hanging basket that I bought for a discount at my grocery store. They put up a little garden center in the parking lot just before Mother's Day and close up shop just after Father's Day. You can often get some good plants for not too much money on their final mark-downs.

Now that I've seen your picture, I'm sure it's a torenia. The nectaring bugs like it.

Thanks for your bloom day post!

Meadowview Thymes said...

I just found your blog through perennial gardener--and I love it! You live in the same general area as me! (I live in the Dallas area) Your pictures are wonderful--and your flowers are all my favorites. So glad to have found a new site!
Happy Gardening!

Carol said...

I think your 'survivors' look great! Thanks for joining in for bloom day, and 'stay cool'!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

marcia said...

i am always so impressed w/ your talent