Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Buildings and bridges of NYC

I just loved the architecture in New York City! Unbelievable workmanship. Texas is definately lacking in appreciation of historical buildings. It seems tearing down is easier than preserving.

Here is the Brooklyn bridge. It took 13 years to build this bridge.
It opened in 1883. 125 years ago.
In this photo the Manhattan Bridge is also visible.
It was built in 1909 so it is no baby either.
We just couldn't resist the awesome walk over to Brooklyn.
View of part of NYC from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Baylee and Roby outside the Dakota.
Baybay got emotional due to her love for John Lennon
and the senseless shooting that happened here.

Beautiful Churches all over town.

New York Stock Exchange guarded with police dogs and heavily armed NYPD.

I could have taken hundreds of beautiful photos of the buildings in this town.
I spent most of my time looking up up up!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful old historical architecture. Thanks for sharing!