Thursday, April 12, 2007

Big Sister visits

Mom and Lisa Mom and Me

Me and Lisa

My big sister is in town. I haven't seen her in 8 years. Who knows? Anyway, we went to the beautiful Botanical Gardens. I just love that place. Such beauty, great ideas, and pure tranquility!! I should have taken more pix. Oh well, that is a good excuse for me to go back. I don't really need an excuse, but if I did that would be a good one. We also visited a few of the local candle stores (gotta check out our competition).

I taught Baylee how to mow so she can make her insurance money. She did a pretty good job and didn't even complain. I told her she would be building some muscles and she just gave me that "you're wierd" stare. Oh well, better to be wierd than boring.

Back to work for me, and then maybe some bermuda short shopping. I just know we are going to be in the 80's before long and then the 90's, so I will need the shorts for sure.

American Idol update: The show needs some spunk. I don't know what is going on this season but it seems this Sanjaya guy has taken over the show and personally it is kinda getting annoying. Blake needs the attention. He has great talent and I think he needs more media. Oh well, JLO was gorgeous as usual. It is nice to see a Hollywood gal that has not become a stick figure. Curves are so much more attractive. Shake your groove thang. I need a motown night! Or maybe a Rolling Stone or Eagles, something with pizzazz!!

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Joyismygoal said...

Oh fun for Lisa to visit, The BG aresooooooooooooo lovely and AI is different this Season isn't it maybe it's time is past,