Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Doctor Day UGH

Today was the dreaded annual check up visit. The day all girls dread. In fact I do not know anyone who actually enjoys it. But yippee!! It is over. The report was good so far. Just have to wait for the test results. And I actually lost 5 pounds since last years annual. If I can do the same before nest years visit I will be real close to my goal weight. The weight I want to stay for the rest of my life. HA! I love being 40. Such freedom.
Anyway, after the doc visit I decided to celebrate and I went to the mall to buy me some winter clothes. There is a cold front coming thru, the first freeze of the year, so of course I needed some NEW winter threads. It was fun, there is just one item that I got the wrong size in and will have to exchange (which will probably cause me to buy something else while I am there).
It is downright hot and humid out there today. The cold front doesn't arrive until Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, but I am preparing for it and sad that all the beautiful flowers that are blooming in the garden will be gone by Friday. I am going to take some pix and maybe cut a few roses.
I actually hung the wreaths by on the front of the house by myself this year. With the new ribbons they look spectacular. Now I just need a couple of the electric candlesticks for the 2nd story windows. The tree is up but not decorated. I received my first Christmas card today from my dear friend Caren, boy she is on the ball.

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Joyismygoal said...

Gee mine is coming up soon i didn'tknow I could celebrate? Did you get your announcement?