Friday, April 18, 2008

Hailstorm destruction

Last night there was a hailstorm for a long 20 minutes or so. It totally ruined all my spring blossoms. I was sad. It stripped foilage and flowers, some plants broke and some are just stems left. My vegies are demolished.
Here lies the remnants of Zephrine.
Most of my snowballs are on the ground

This is my backyard last night!
Here is a pile that is over 12" deep on top of my columbine

This is what is left of my gazing ball and Jerusalem Sage that was about to bloom
Here is my poppy before the storm
Here is what they look like after the storm. Imagine 100's of poppies about to blossom and then in 20 minutes they are demolished. I cried because they only come once a year and I am sad.

This is what my doggie looks like during the storm. She does not like storms. She shakes and pants the whole time. Poor thing.
Our truck has damage and so does the fence and ac unit. I hope this is the end of spring storms for now. We start all over from scratch.

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marcia said...

Oh my you got more than we did I am so sorry --i am so glad you had taken and posted lots of pictures