Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bastrop Trip

Some pretty poppies at the Wildseed Farms. I worked out six days this week but as you can see by this photo of me I need lots more of those workouts to get some muscle tone like I had in my 20's. The 40's take it's toll if you take any kind of break in exercise.
We took a road trip down to Bastrop, Texas this past week. Below is the Bed and Breakfast that we spent the night. It was nice but did not have as much of the antique pieces that we expected and enjoy. As you can see from the windows, they are dressed in bamboo shades which is hardly 1800's decor. Oh well, it was nice to get a change in scenery. This house is where they filmed a verizon commercial last week. See the pecan tree on the left of the photo, notice there aren't any leaves on it yet, the verizon people did not like that so they decided to hire somebody to wire leaves on it and that took a whole day. Then after the commercial was filmed they had the guy remove the leaves. Not a very economical choice but I guess they wanted it a certain way. Anyways, when you see the verizon guy talking with an older lady this is the house they are standing in. Also in town filming a movie were Brad Pitt, Angolina Jolie and their flock of kids(staying in a local day care), and Sean Penn. There has been over 48 movies filmed in this little city. Amazing!
Sparse bluebonnets at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center just south of Austin.
A lizard visiting.
My father-in-law beside a an old rusted vintage car.

Wildflowers were hard to find. I am hoping maybe in a few weeks it will be better. The locals said the dry weather has not helped in the production.


marcia said...

Was that town near Fredricksburg? I never heard of it.. id it a real throwback town? did you see the BP/AJ group? Sounds like a great trip I have heard that about the leaves in different places seems silly

Love My Cottage Garden said...

Bastrop is 20-25 miles southeast of Austin.