Friday, March 28, 2008

Whats new in the garden?

Lots of new fun stuff is starting to arrive in the garden. Spring is getting busy! Are you?

Here are some of my finds on my daily walkabout.....


Chinese Snowball (next week it will be completely open)

This is a branch of a tree that is blooming. It is a passalong from my mother in law's garden and I planted it 3 years ago when it was a seedling. I do not remember what it is.

Buttercups that I never planted and now they have taken over and I am trying to weed them out but they move so much faster than me.

Almond Bush (pretty little button flowers in spring only)

It is a overcast cool day, which is a nice reprieve after yesterdays balmy 85. I just love the changes that springtime brings. Each morning I wake to a new surprise!

1 comment:

marcia said...

Oh my I rank those top two in my all time favorite of your flowers