Friday, September 29, 2006


Yippee! I took lots of sinus medicine and nose spray then raced outside to do a little mulching. I managed to the work the beds that border the front brick stair walkway. It was in pretty good condition and quite moist which is surprising since we are in a drought and the rain has been sparse. I spread out 3 bags of Earthgro mulch from Home Depot. It took a little over an hour. I found a fire ant bed and treated it with amdro and some other poison. These little fellas have been fierce at our house this year. I believe they have completely covered the whole yard. They probably are just moving their homes around when I bother them. Oh well, winter is around the corner (cross my fingers) and they will go deep under the ground. The allergies kicked in again so I hit the shower.

Suggestion on where to get wildflower seeds.... there is a place outside of Fredericksburg, Texas, called Wildseed Farms, and they have an awesome seed collection. If you can't make it down there for a visit you can always visit their website they are reasonable and their seeds always germinate well for me. It is a good idea to get them planted in Texas sometime in October or early November. However, last year I put them out in late February and still got a nice show.


Joyismygoal said...

I have bought seeds there they are great andafun place to shop too!! If i wait a few weeks will it be too late for all of these things?

lovemycottagegarden said...

You can plant the seeds into mid November, especially with all this heat, but if you are gonna do the fall fertilizer (winterizer) you should do it by this coming weekend.