Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers May Bloom Day

Black eyed Susan ,Gloriosa Daisylarkspur

Pink Guara
Red Salvia Greggi and Yellow Jerusalem sage
Blue Mist Flower
Oxeye daisy

Anthony Waterer Spiraea

Achillea Yarrow
Red Corn Poppy
Broadview of my wild meadow (self seeded)
Coreopsis and Rocket Larkspur

Unknown from seed
Gazania (perennial in my garden 3rd year)
Sundrop(calylophus) with Yarrow

Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena aka. Bachelor Button

Indigo Spires with Red Salvia
Pink Deutzia
Hot Lips Salvia
Autumn Sage Salvia Greggi

Blue Salvia

Pink double bloom Poppy
Rocket Larkspur
Shasta or Oxeye Daisy

Blooming but not pictured:

Gerber daisy, Snapdragons, french hollyhock, spurge, brazillian verbena, paprika yarrow, pincushion flower, meadow sage, old blush climber rose, red cascade rose,

desert willow, tangerine beauty cross vine, oxalis, primrose, tomatoes, elderberry,

yellow butterfly bush, pinks, and purple verbena.

Budding but not blooming:

texas gold lantana, red lantana, purple coneflower, purple loosestrife(lythrum), zinnia, russian sage, attraction butterfly bush, sunflower, oleander

Everything is later this year for my garden, we had a terrible hailstorm about a month ago that pushed everything to start from scratch growing again. June Bloom day should be spectacular. happy bloom day!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Carol at May Dream Gardens for bringing gardens from around the world together!
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tina said...

Lovely plants and pictures. You have so much. The 'unknown' is Love in a Mist, aka nigella damascens. Self seeds prolifically and has excellent seed heads. Disappears in summer here but returns every year-just like a perennial. Have a super day in Texas. I am in Tennessee.

Gloria said...

Hello,your garden looks like summer.
The meadow has such pretty flowers. Does it have bloom for a long time?
I am working on a prairie like version and hoping the annual coreopsis self seeded abundantly as they were so pretty last year.So far I don't see them but it is still very cool.
Don't you love finding new garden blogs through the GBBD?

ladyluz said...

How nice to see a new face on my blog - thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed it.

Someone beat me to the "Love in the Mist" answer. These are a childhood favourite of mine - my granny grew them, along with hollyhocks.

I'm envious of your astilbe. I put four lots in in March and am still waiting for action! Do I have to wait another year? Maybe it's too hot for them here.

Enjoyed visiting you.

Frances, said...

Great batch of flowers and photos! Your greggii salvias are wonderful, one of our favorites too. Our corn poppies that were a mixture turned out to be all white and creamy yellow, no brighter colors. How wonderful to have a meadow, must be so full of butterflies. BTW, big Johnny Depp fan here also. ;->

Frances at Faire Garden

Carol said...

It's amazing how one event, like a big hail storm, can affect the plants even a month later. Your garden looks like summer to me, I woudln't have known blooms were late for you!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Gail said...

Lovely variety it is a perfect cottage garden! You have a few I wish to the Yarrow...very nice.

JD rocks!


Kay said...

The meadow is gorgeous - I aspire to have something like that in the next few years. I am making note of some of what you show, as your climate is similar to mine. Love it!

Jane Marie said...

Your garden looks like my area in July. Lovely flowers.

Ewa said...

great amount of blooms - your meadow looks so soothing.
the unknown lower from seed is Nigella damascena :)

Kelly said...

I just discovered your blog and just wanted to say how beautiful your pictures were! I am a begginner and have been doing quite well with my purple verbena and pink begonias, someday I hope to have as many flowers as you!