Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Ben!!!!!

Ben's 1st Halloween

Ben loves Christmas 1991

Ben 1993 in Aunt April's Car Sunroof (mr. mischief)

Ben checking out Aunt Aprils Graduation stuff

Ben 1999 (Ranger Fan)

Halloween 2001 Scary Skateboarder

Ben 2004 (great fisherman)

On my 40th last year. What a great lifegaurd tan he has!

My favorite son is 19 today. He had to wake up for the first time without mommy singing happy birthday in her off tune voice. I miss him. Tomorrow we will all go to Houston to celebrate but today I just reminisce about all the wonderful birthdays of the past 19 years. Ben is a joy, he is very passionate about cars and skateboards, almost to the point of obsessiveness. As a young boy he was totally obsessed with Lego's and trains, infact he has them all stored in the shed because he cannot bear to part with them. He will be finished with school on August 3rd and then he is moving home with us. He has remained on the honor roll and perfect attendance. To say the least, WE ARE PROUD.
Time Flies and then they are grown up! Enjoy every minute of it!! I am!!!!

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Joyismygoal said...

Wow lots of memories for me in there too. Ben was always a fun sweetie. Happy Nineteenth Birthday Ben