Friday, January 12, 2007

First Microdermabrasion

Yesterday I went for my 1st treatment of microdermabrasion with Amanda at Essentials (of course). It was quite interesting. It took about 1 hour and felt like sandpaper scratching my face and then getting vacuumed off. Then she did some acid peels and then a quick shoulder massage, which felt awesome. She is terrific at her job and I don't know if I would trust anyone else. I have to go back in 2 weeks for my next treatment and she said it will be more intense. My face is kinda red and tight. I am hoping for good results to get rid of this dull skin and some sun spots.

The weather is a balmy 64 degrees this morning and there are some showers. A huge cold front is heading this way and it is supposed to drop to the 30's by tomorrow morning and maybe some ice Saturday night. I don't really care for winter that much. I am anxiously awaiting spring.

The gutter guy came out this week and gave me a quote on doing the east side of the house. He was a little shaken up on how he was going to get his ladder up there being that it is only 7 ft from the side of the cliff. He said he would have to do it on a less windy day and I told him on this hill it is always windy. Roby doesn't think he will call back to schedule us so I might be looking for another gutter guy soon.

Roby has been putting all the videos onto dvd's with our Christmas gift we gave ourselves. It has been so fun to watch them as they are taping off. I am hoping to find some funny footage to turn in and win money. Baylee likes seeing how she was at a younger age and she is finding out that she still acts the same. She is surprised to see that and I told her most of the time we act and carry the same habits as when we are born all thru life. Sometimes we improve and sometimes we develop bad habits but we basically keep the same basic characteristics. I know Ben would enjoy seeing the footage too because OH MY he is just the same. Quite an active guy and always interested in how and why things work. He has truly picked a great career for himself, it totally fits his personality and should be very satisfying for him in life. I am proud and hope Baylee can do the same with her choices. I would love to have some glimpses of how I acted as a child so that I can see what traits that I had that I still have now as an adult. I am sure I was a goofy kid with a gigantic heart.