Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break Campout at Lake Ray Roberts

 Roasting Marshmellows

 Kylee jumping waves (windy day at lake)
 Luke jumping his wave!!
 Sand Play
 Lake is low, loved natures art!

 Peace in the sand, who doesnt like to bury themselves in sand?
 Bella joined in on the fun.
 It got so hot (almost 90) so we got out the swimsuits. ; )
 Luke buried everything and said he was burying treasure.  He made a treasure map.  Kylee was a Pirate and tried to steal his treasure.  We asked Luke "What does a pirate do?" his answer was "Not brush his teeth"
 April Playing Ball with Luke
 Uncle Roby teaching how to climb trees
 by the end of each day exhaustion set in!
We really loved Ray Roberts Lake, Isle de bois Unit.  It started out at 30 degrees the first day of camp(Monday) and by the last day (Friday) it was a whopping 85+.

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