Wednesday, March 30, 2011

running away

Isn't my mom beautiful!!!

friday i will run away again,
i will run to the coast and hill country,
i hope it will lift my spirits,
lately days have been rough, super duper rough,
i really don't even wanna be around,
the pain is too heavy,
how will i survive without her,
she was my go to girl,
my everyday talk,
my lifter upper,
i miss her so much,
i have to run,
my heart is too heavy to stay,
i need a change of scenery,
my dear husband will help me escape the misery,
if only for a moment i could feel good,
i sure hope the bluebonnets are there,
i cannot wait to feel the sand in my toes,
and smell the ocean air,
surely that will snap me out of this horrible dark stretch of days.

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